ICDL/ECDL Programme


The European Computer Driving License (ICDL/ECDL) is the European certification that recognizes basic and complete computer usage competences at the user level. You can obtain this certification in our certified examination centre.

With more than 20 years of history and more than 16 million certified people in the world, ICDL has been recognized by UNESCO as the certification that most widely implements the European framework of digital competence (DigComp), reference of digital qualification of the European Commission. ICDL is a main reference of digital competence merits in different contexts: access to or promotion in public service and requirement for enrollment in universities in some countries, merit for specific private jobs or in international organizations (e.g. Europol, NATO, etc.), etc.

The current available modules for the examination are:

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  • The programme syllabus of the ICDL/ECDL accreditation is public and can be consulted in the ICDL website website.
  • The examinations are hands on in the computer lab and only available through approved centres. Online examination option is also possible. Please, check on the online system if your configuration is adequate for online tests (use the option “Check system requirements”). You will also need:
    • An appropriate place with a very good connection: you should be alone, with no other people around during the test.
    • A camera and microphone that must work during the test, as we must verify identity and authorship as well as have the option to communicate during the session.
    • A good computer with Chrome browser (others like Mozilla could also work), Windows 10 and Office 2016 or later.
    • An installed plugin following the instructions of the check configuration option of the system.
  • You can consult our guide on certification, tests and diagnostic tests (in Spanish).


Consult the examination fees in the links below. Prices for students and staff of the University of Alcalá are only available through access from an account or computer inside the university.